Module 7: Seal the Deal (What to Do After the Interview)

How you ‘follow up’ after a job interview is one of the most important things you do during the interview process.

 Most job seekers send the same silly thank you note that adds no value. 
Or they follow up with a phone call that risks annoying HR and Hiring managers.
Maybe you’re too busy to come up with a winning follow-up strategy.  Maybe you hate writing.  Maybe you don’t know how to do it the right way.
I’m going end all of that.  In this training module, you’ll learn sure-fire follow-up formulas that SHOW and PROVE to the hiring manager that you’ll succeed in their job – even if you’ve never done it before.

In Module 7.1: Take a step back and evaluate your performance after an interview, so you can identify any aspects of interviewing you want to strengthen to enhance your future success.

In Module 7.2: Use these strategies to keep in touch with hiring managers in a methodical and positive way that builds your relationship and credibility to improve the chances that you get the job offer.

In Module 7.3: Don’t waste your time sending send an ’empty’ thank you note that has no chance of ‘sealing the deal’.  If you want the job offer, check out this module to learn what you should send instead.

In Module 7.4: Submitting a 90-Day plan to the Hiring Manager during the interview process can an excellent strategy, get you to the next round of interviews, and win a job offer for more money.

In Module 7.5: Don’t leave your references to chance. Provide the most effective references by using the strategies revealed in this module

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