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The Hidden Job Search Breakthrough program shows you the exact steps to find the best job you’ve ever had. Period.

Done right, this is the very best way to find a job you’ll love.

Here is the research proven odds of finding a job in 90 days:

  • Hidden Job Opportunities Breakthrough search has 85% odds of success in less than 90 days. There’s a 50% chance that you’ll have multiple job offers.
  • Networking has 30% odds of success in 90 days. (Networking has 50% odds of success in 18 months – which means that if it doesn’t work for you in 90 days, it probably isn’t going to work for you.)
  • Job Boards have 30% odds in 90 days… if you use the strategies I teach in the Online Job Search Breakthrough program.  If you don’t use those strategies, you have a 12% chance of finding a new job in 90 days using a Job Board.
  • Outplacement has 25% odds of success in 90 days.
  • Recruiters have 1% odds in 90 days.
  • Resume posting has 1% odds in 90 days.

Everything revealed in the Hidden Job Opportunities Breakthrough program is based on proven marketing and job search strategies that can get interviews for great jobs in a few weeks’ time.  When you know and use these strategies, your job search will never hit a dead end again.

The Hidden Job Opportunities Breakthrough search is new to many job seekers. To make sure you have success with this strategy, this program includes everything you need to know, including detailed step-by-step instructions, images, samples and templates.

In Module 1, you learn how to get the most from your program. (IMPORTANT: So you don’t limit your job search success, be sure to read the overview of all job search strategies in Job Search Breakthrough Overview)

In Module 2, we will give you the blueprint you need to follow to find unadvertised job openings that have little or no competition including:

  • The key action steps in the Hidden Job Search Breakthrough and why they work so well
  • How to discover the two types of hidden job searches

In Module 3, you’ll be learn how to identify many companies that could hire you using the following tips and strategies:

  • ‘Define’ the companies and hiring managers that could hire you for the type of jobs you want
  • Learn the ideal number potential employers to identify
  • The best resources you can use to easily identify companies that could hire you
  • The best way to use LinkedIn to easily and quickly identify potential employers
  • Get instant access to my Job Search Organization tool to help you keep track of potential employers
  • Classify potential employers so you have an efficient and effective job search

In Module 4, you’ll learn about the customized hidden job search strategy and how to:

  • Select the best potential employers to target now
  • Identify the people at those companies who you could work for
  • Identify helpful company insiders who can help you get a job (even if they don’t know you)
  • Get contact information for all of the hiring managers and insider connections
  • Conduct research to help you optimize your success
  • Prepare a Customized Job Magnet letter that gets hiring managers to call you for job openings they have
  • Top strategies to easily and comfortably get your Job Magnet letter into the hands of hiring managers
  • Keep in touch strategies that will motivate hiring managers to contact you

In Module 5, you’ll learn about the universal job search strategy and how to:

  • Identify the companies you will target first
  • Identify the precise employees who could have – or know about – job openings for you
  • Get contact information for hiring managers
  • Prepare an Universal Job Magnet letter that piques hiring managers interest and gets them to contact you for a job interview
  • Learn the best ways to quickly and easily send your Job Magnet letter to potential employers

In Module 6, you’ll learn about the best ways to find people who can hire you… or help you get a job:

  • Identify the precise people at potential employers who could know about job current (and future) job openings and who could hire you
  • Identify insider connections at potential employers (even if you don’t think you have any) who could help you get a job interview
  • Learn my secret tips for how to access anyone’s full LinkedIn profile (even if it’s hidden or ‘anonymous’ on LinkedIn) so you can choose the best people to target
  • Easily get the email addresses for hiring managers and insider connections (so you can send them a letter that piques their interest to call you for a job interview)

Let’s get started…

Read Module 1.1 – Why You Must Search For Unadvertised Job Openings

To Your New Career Breakthrough,

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