(7.3) Send This Instead of a Thank You Note

It may be one of the most commonly dispensed pieces of job-search advice, but sending the ‘right’ thank you note after an interview really is crucial.

Here’s the deal with thank-you notes:

* If you’re not the best candidate for the job, a thank-you note isn’t going to change that. No one is going to hire a less qualified candidate just because of a thank-you note.

* If you’re the undisputed top candidate, the lack of a thank-you note probably isn’t going to stop you from being hired.

* However, when the decision is close between you and another candidate, a right type of thank-you note can definitely tilt the scales in your direction.

There are hiring managers who don’t care at all about thank-you notes. But that shouldn’t dissuade you from sending them because there are also plenty of hiring managers who will tell you that a thank-you note has swayed their hiring decisions.

And as the candidate, you have no idea which type you’re dealing with … so of course you should send thank-you’s.

The problem is that most job seekers waste their time by sending send a note that has no chance of ‘sealing the deal’.

If you want the job, this is what you should send after an interview….

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