Welcome To Online Job Search Breakthrough!

Tired of submitting your resume over and over to job openings posted online with little or no positive results?

So often well-deserving and talented job seekers miss out on exciting job opportunities because they don’t handle online job search the right way.

In Module 1, you learn how to get the most from this job search program. (IMPORTANT: So you don’t limit your job search success, be sure to read the overview of all job search strategies in Job Search Breakthrough Overview)

In Modules 2 and 3, you’ll learn all of the strategies, tips and tricks to optimize your online success, including:

  • The best sources to find relevant job postings
  • How to quickly tailor your resume to win more interviews
  • How to write a blockbuster cover letter that positions you for a career transition

It’s a well-known fact that many people land jobs based on employee referral. Having an inside contact at a company is major advantage over the competition.

That’s why in Modules 4 & 5, I’m also going to teach you:

  • Everything you need to know about how to get insider help to win job interviews.

This Online Job Search Breakthrough program draws on my 10+ years of experience successfully advising job seekers. Follow and complete each of the steps persistently and you’ll optimize your online job search and maximize the probability of success responding to online job postings.

To make sure you complete each action step, go here to download the Action Steps and Program Table of Contents.

Let’s get started:

Module 2: Top Strategies to Find Relevant, Advertised Job Openings

To Your New Career Breakthrough,

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