(7.2) Keep In Touch For More Success

Companies know that some potential customers will be ready to buy today. Some customers will be ready to buy next week. Others will be ready next month. Some, a few months from now.

Companies rely on the concept of “multiple touch” (think Amazon) because they know there’s a good chance that customers may need their products sooner or later.

Likewise, you want to keep in touch with the hiring manager until they make their hiring decision.  (Actually – if you don’t receive the job offer and you’d still like to work at the company – I recommend staying in touch for up to a year with the hiring manager.  I describe why and how in another training module in the Interview Breakthrough Program.)

In this module will learn how to keep in touch with hiring managers in a methodical and positive way that builds your relationship and credibility to improve the chances that you get the job offer.

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