Module 8: Handling Job Offers Successfully

Job-search these days drags on longer and longer, and when you finally receive that offer after weeks and weeks (and in many cases, months), it’s not unusual to want to accept it right on the spot.

Don’t do that!  

There are many things to consider before accepting a job offer.  Here’s what this module contains:

 Module 8.1: Learn how to stall a job offer so you can have time to make a smart decision.

Module 8.2: There’s a big difference between choosing the best job and selling yourself to the highest bidder.  Use this checklist to make sure the new job meets your criteria.

 Module 8.3: Before accepting a new job, use these research strategies to protect yourself from accepting a new position that you’ll regret.

Module 8.4: Learn how to get former employees to give you information about what it’s like to work at a company.

Module 8.5: Probably the biggest mistake you can make is simply deciding to settle and accept whatever salary offer you receive.  Use the strategies in this training Module to get the salary you deserve.

Module 8.6 Watch this training video to learn if you should you let a skilled Executive Recruiter negotiate your salary for you.

Module 8.7 Before you accept any employment offer, it’s important to carefully review all the documents that are part of the employment agreement. Read this article to learn what you need to know and do.

Module 8.8 You’re ready to accept a job offer.  Congratulations!  Here’s how to do it the right way…

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