How to Get Past HR & Win More Interviews

When you apply to a job opening advertised online, HR professionals are the GATE KEEPERS in the hiring process… and the fate of your application is in their hands.

There are a number of problems with that – and for people making career transitions, here’s the BIG problem:

… HR professionals typically put a round peg into a round hole. HR’s goal is to find the perfect candidate – which to HR means finding a candidate who has done the same type of job before and has all of the ‘required’ skills, experience and education.

When you’re making a career transition, though, you haven’t done that type of job before… and you are not a round peg going into a round hole.

When you use the strategies I teach in this module, you’ll fly by HR professionals and have much better odds of winning a job interview.

Watch this video to get a quick overview of the exact process and then follow the links below it to access the step-by-step training modules.


In Module 5.1, you’ll discover how to idetify hiring managers.

In Module 5.2, you’ll discover how to access nearly any hiring manager’s LinkedIn profile – even if it’s hidden.

In Module 5.3, you’ll learn the best ways to get nearly any Hiring Manager’s contact information fast .

In Module 5.4, you’ll discover the Interview Magnet Letter Formula .

In Module 5.5, you’ll learn how to tet your Interview Magnet letter into the hands of the hiring manager.

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