(6.1) 6 Quick Ways To Identify People Who Could Hire You

To find unadvertised job openings, you must identify the name, email and telephone number of the employee(s) that you would report to at a company –  for the type of position(s) you want. Throughout this program, I call those employees “hiring managers”.

Depending on the type of position you are targeting and the size of a company, there might be more than one potential hiring manager at each potential employer.  You can target (e.g. contact) all of these potential hiring managers at the same time.

Also, there will be situations when you’re not sure if someone you’ve identified is actually the hiring manager.  My recommendation is put them on your list and target (e.g. contact) them.

To create the largest ‘target market’ and most opportunity for your search, you want to identify and get the contact information for all of the potential hiring managers at each potential employer.

Here’s exactly how to do that…

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