Video 201 – How To Research Job & Career Ideas (Advanced Strategies)

After completing the research strategies shown in Step 1 for all preliminary career ideas, use the more advanced research strategy shown in this video training session to further research the job and career ideas that appeal (or might appeal) to you.

The benefits of completing the research strategy discussed in this instructional video include:

  • You will learn more about the typical responsibilities of each career idea so you can see if the position feels appealing to you
  • You will learn more about the typical skills used in each career idea to see how well it matches your skill sets
  • You will see what kinds of opportunities there are in industries / field that interest you
  • You can discover new, related career ideas

By completing this research and emailing the assignments to me, we will be able to: 1) evaluate the preliminary job and career ideas; 2) identify additional job and career options; 3) discuss how you can gather any additional information you need to be confident that you are making the right career choice; and/or 4) (if it’s clear one or more of the career ideas are right for you) discuss the steps you must take to make your career transition.

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