Here are sample job postings for Warden (Correctional Facilities) roles...


Centre County, Pennsylvania

Bellefonte, PA 16823

  • Maintains overall order and security of Correctional Facility/staff and inmates.
  • Oversees the overall operation of the Correctional Facility.
  • Leads the staff of the Correctional Facility, handles all personnel-related matters, including overseeing evaluations and disciplinary actions. Performs evaluations on facility staff that are direct reports.
  • Interviews and makes recommendations to Prison Board of Inspectors for proper staffing levels and hiring of staff.
  • Oversees the development and implementation of policies and procedures for the efficient overall operation of the Correctional Facility to ensure a safe and rehabilitative environment for incarcerated inmates.
  • Prepares and presents annual budget. Submits to the Board of Commissioners for review and approval.
  • Oversees the maintenance activities of the Correctional Facility to preserve physical and structural integrity. Recommends corrective action where necessary to the Prison Board of Inspectors.
  • Ensures facility compliance with labor contracts and labor laws; conducts labor/management meetings; reviews and evaluates union grievances.
  • Assures that all staff receive proper required training; develops new training programs.
  • Ensures the Correctional Facility, and required individual members of the staff, achieve and maintain all state required certifications and accreditations.
  • Ensures the management of computer and security systems for the Correctional Facility to ensure they are operational and effective.
  • Interacts daily with police agencies, parole/probation, attorneys, County personnel, general public, and Board of Commissioners in regard to essential job duties.
  • Participates in various committees and community programs which interact with Correctional Facility operations.
  • Facilitates regular staff meetings to disseminate Correctional Facility information and instructions. Consults with staff to review work requirements, status, and problems. Assists with complex or problem situations; provides direction, advice, and technical expertise.
  • Monitors the inmate’s medical program.
  • Collects, analyzes, interprets, and communicates Correctional Facility data to various stakeholders and utilize the information to make recommendations for facility and program improvement.
  • Keeps Prison Board of Inspectors informed of the overall operation of the facility, safety of inmates and staff, morale and training needs of staff, and notice of any significant issues or unmet need of staff or inmates that has the potential to escalate and become serious problems.
  • Reviews contracts of service providers for the Correctional Facility and where warranted recommends changes to the Prison Board of Inspectors and Board of Commissioners.
  • Attends meetings, seminars, and training as necessary.
  • Assists Corrections Prison Inspector as necessary.
  • Performs other job-related duties as required.


Bachelor's degree in administration of justice, business administration or related field. Additional supervisory and leadership training preferred. Experience successfully leading an organization of diverse individuals, with multiple levels in a Correctional Institution. Five to seven (5-7) years supervisory experience. Three to five (3-5) years working experience in a Correctional Institution.

Special Requirements

Must possess a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license and a willingness to travel as needed. Must reside within Centre County or a radius of 45 minutes response to the Centre County Willowbank Office located at 420 Holmes Street, Bellefonte, PA 16823, following posted speed limits. This will be determined using The individual selected will have 3-6 months to comply with this requirement.


The State of Oklahoma

Positions in this job are responsible for directing all operational and administrative activities of the Oklahoma State Penitentiary.Typical Functions

  • Responsible for the overall operational and administrative functions of a maximum security correctional facility which includes leadership of all staff, security and custodial care, classification, food service, health and mental health services, physical plant maintenance and construction, inmate programmatic activities, religious activities, education, laundry, mail, canteen, correctional industries, and Agri-service jobs.
  • Maintains a high security environment for inmates with complex sentences where most who have compiled serious records of institutional misconduct which indicate they require rigorous security measures and doing so with rehabilitation and safe movement to lower security as an overarching goal.
  • Formulates policies, procedures, and standards within the facility and ensures facility compliance; participates and coordinates in the development, implementation and application of department policies and procedures to ensure compliance with statutory and applicable regulatory agencies; responsible for interpretation and application of laws, rules and regulations pertaining to operation of a correctional facility.
  • Maintains awareness of national standards and possible changes as related to maintenance of inmates sentenced to death, and awareness of pending legislation, litigation and/or court cases related to the operations associated with the death sentence. Provides facility operational oversight to ensure all security, administrative, and programmatic functions are being carried out effectively, efficiently, and in accordance with department guidelines through administrative reviews, onsite visits, and compliance with accreditation standards of the American Correctional Association.
  • Provides facility oversight for compliance with the Department of Justice Prison Rape Elimination Act.
  • Manages the budget, staff, and physical resources for the assigned facility; monitors required training of staff and establishes strategies for continued staff development.
  • Provides oversight to contract service providers as appropriate; serves on special project committees regarding a variety of department related operations.
  • Cultivates a staff work environment, which values collaboration, teamwork and diversity; manages and resolves conflicts in a constructive manner; participates and provides oversight of employee discipline recommendations and actions.
  • Serves as a public relations contact for the facility as needed/required; demonstrates high personal and professional standards and ethics aligning with the agencies moral turpitude maintaining a high degree of professional responsibility.
  • Monitors and oversees established staffing and hiring goals and interprets policy and procedures in accordance with human resource policy and procedures; holds staff accountable to policies, procedures, state statutes and laws.

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and six (6) years of professional level work experience in corrections or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Competencies

Knowledge of planning, organizing and directing activities of a correctional institution; of theory, techniques and trends in correctional administration, of the principles and practices of administration and management; of public relations methods; and laws concerning incarceration of felons. Knowledge of, and skill in, the use and application of appropriate information technology. Ability to plan, direct, and coordinate the activities of others and the operations of a correctional facility; to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; to establish and maintain effective working relationships, to organize and manage several projects simultaneously; and to analyze complex and security sensitive situations and adopt an appropriate course of action.


McKinley County, NM

Gallup, NM

Position Summary: This position works under the authority given in the Joint Powers Agreement forming the Jail Authority Board (JAB); and under the supervision of the County Manager, the representative of the Fiscal Agent of the Board. This is an at-will position by contract that is under administrative direction. The incumbent plans, directs, coordinates and administers the operations, functions, and activities of an adult detention center. Provides supervision and leadership ensuring all governing laws and policies are enforced and followed by staff. Administers and manages fiscal operations within the current operating budget and plans and develops the annual budget; monitors and manages expenditures and revenues. Plans, develops, and implements detention center strategies and improvements and manages associated activities. Provides for the humane detention of inmates in a safe, secure environment according to the standards of the American Correctional Association and NMAC Core recommended standards. Performs other administrative support functions as directed by the JAB; and, by the County Manager through the delegation in the employment contract. Job Responsibilities

Essential Job Functions: Note: This information is intended to be descriptive of the key responsibilities of the position. The list of essential functions below does not identify all duties performed by any single incumbent in this position. Additionally, please be aware of the legend below when referring to the physical demands of each essential function.

Plans, directs, coordinates, and reviews the work of assigned staff; assigns tasks and coordinates schedules, projects, and programs; provides constructive feedback; reviews and evaluates work and makes effective suggestions and recommendations.

Coaches, trains and motivates staff; coordinates and/or provides staff training; and manages employee relations; manages the workflow and prioritization of assignments and measures the performance of the assigned unit/area and all related staff and takes appropriate corrective action when necessary; provides general advice and counsel to staff; develops developmental work plans for staff; and implements corrective actions, discipline and termination procedures as appropriate/necessary.

Coordinates and manages the operations of the Detention Center; meets with staff (Detention Officers, Medical/Mental Health Team, assigned team and task leaders), and administrative staff regularly to identify any new issues, identify tasks that need to be completed, prioritize the tasks and assign work and timelines; reviews inmate communication forms, reports and minutes of committee meetings and receives briefings from each team, unit, task leader, division etc., and assures needed committees and reviews are being held and participates to assure effectiveness.

Directs, implements, and monitors the departmental budget; presents the annual budget and all supporting documentation to the Jail Authority Board, the County Manager, and ultimately, to the Board of County Commissioners and City of Gallup Council; controls the purchasing of materials and equipment necessary for the Detention Center responsibilities; and determines the need for new equipment and facilities and major repair or upgrade of equipment and facilities.

Conducts regular tours of the detention center including internal and external walk through; ensures any maintenance, safety, staff or inmate issues are immediately addressed.

Reviews vendor contracts that pertain to the Detention Center and makes changes, initiates renewal and/or bid process when necessary.

Reviews any changes to the laws, regulations and/or policies that govern the detention center's purpose and implements necessary changes to standard operating procedures, policies, and post orders; plans, drafts, implements and coordinates new or revised policy, procedures and programs; and ensures that all staff are updated and/or trained related to required changes/updates.

Meets with staff as needed to resolve any issues or conflicts within the detention center.

Works with law enforcement agencies to ensure the processing of persons arrested; and coordinates with the local, state, and federal judicial system.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required: - ~ Operational characteristics, services, and activities of a correctional/detention center, including business/industry principles and practices related to work assigned.

~ Provisions of federal, state, and local legislation pertaining to correctional/detention services; and New Mexico State Statutes, Standards of the American Correctional Association (ACA), New Mexico Association of Counties Core Standards, and Standards of the American Jail Association (AJA).

~ Principles and practices of criminal justice administration.

~ Administering and managing correctional/detention services and programs in a public-sector setting.

~ Law enforcement principles, practices, techniques, and equipment with special reference to assignments.

~ Training programs, techniques and methods.

~ A variety of software packages relevant to the department and assigned work.

~ Research methods and report presentation.

~ Effective communication principles and practices including oral and written communication; to include public relations and public speaking.

~ Modern office procedures, methods, and equipment including computers, computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, and statistical databases.

~ Principles and practices of governmental budget administration and monitoring.

~ English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

~ Principles of business writing.

~ Principles of supervision, training, performance evaluation and documentation.

~ Applying correctional center principles, practices, methods, and techniques.

~ Planning, formulating and executing programs, post orders and policies.

~ Analyzing problems and developing sound and effective solutions.

~ Resolving conflicts.

~ Delegating authority and supervising the activities of others.

~ Maintaining accurate and complete records and reports.

~ Developing and implementing goals and objectives for the department consistent with County mission and values.

~ Writing, administering, negotiating, and evaluating contracts, agreements, and proposals.

~ Developing and conducting training programs associated with assigned area of responsibility.

~ Evaluating processes and procedures for improvement and cost-effectiveness.

~ Working cooperatively with County employees, contractors, attorneys, courts, and the public.

~ Working with equipment, tools, and materials required in area of assignment.

~ Applying project/task management techniques and principles.

~ Communicating effectively verbally and in writing, including public relations and public speaking.

~ Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with Boards, Commissions, Councils, employees, other agencies, and the public, including meeting and dealing tactfully with the public.

~ Utilizing personal computer software programs and other relevant software affecting assigned work and in compiling and preparing spreadsheets.

~ Principles and practices of governmental budget administration and monitoring.

~ Developing, interpreting and administering policies and procedures sufficient to administer, discuss, resolve, and explain them.

~ Must have the ability to work with diverse groups, including but not limited to: employees, unions, judges, inmates, health care providers, outside jurisdictions, prosecutors, defense attorneys, religious denomination community organization. . . etc.

~ Supervising, leading, and delegating tasks and authority.

Minimum Qualifications: -

Bachelor"s Degree in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Criminology, Sociology or related field.


Five to Seven years of demonstrated experience, in a management/supervisory capacity, that includes demonstrated experience and responsibility in budgeting, staff supervision, program administration, administering contract activities, comprehensive records management, and collaborative interagency relationships.