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Prompt Engineer (Remote)



About Aldrin Labs Aldrin Labs is an ecosystem of DeFi products that integrate with each other to provide easy functionality and purposefully help people achieve financial freedom. The ecosystem also includes a core DeFi product, our leading wallet application.

The Role We are looking for a skilled Prompt Engineer to join our team and help us build context around our language model, ChatGPT. In this role, you will leverage the power of AI to build context and develop prompts that align with our product vision.

You will collaborate with our product development team to understand user needs and create custom prompts that improve the user experience. Responsibilities:

• Work collaboratively with our product development team to understand user needs and build context around ChatGPT

• Develop and implement custom prompts to improve the user experience and increase engagement

• Test and debug prompts to ensure they are functioning correctly

• Integrate prompts into our application ensuring that they are cohesive with our product vision and design language

• Continuously optimize and improve the prompts based on user feedback and usage data

• Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in NLP and machine learning to inform prompt development and implementation


• Proven experience working with NLP and machine learning technologies

• Experience with chatbot development and integration

• Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

• Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail

• Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment If you have a passion for NLP and machine learning, and enjoy creating seamless and intuitive user experiences, then we encourage you to apply.


• Competitive salary

• 100% remote working

• Flexible working hours

• Collaboration with leading projects and thought leaders in the crypto space

Prompt Engineer (100% Worldwide Remote)- job post


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About VidIQ

vidIQ, Inc. is a leading high-tech company specializing in developing innovative solutions for a diverse range of industries. We seek an experienced and motivated Prompt Engineer to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for developing, designing, and maintaining our cutting-edge AI-based conversation systems, ensuring smooth and engaging user experiences.

Responsibilities: Design, develop, and maintain robust, scalable, and efficient AI-driven conversation systems for a diverse range of applications and industries.

About the Team

We're a team of 90+ people and growing quickly. Our vision is to be the smart copilot for every YouTube creator. We strive to create a welcoming environment where our team of smart, passionate people can share ideas with each other and do their best work. We are looking for team members who are excellent at their craft, communicate with kindness, and act like owners.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including product managers, UX designers, and data scientists, to understand user requirements and create user-centric solutions.
  • Optimize and fine-tune conversation algorithms to ensure optimal user experiences and reduce latency.
  • Analyze and address performance bottlenecks in the AI engine.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, technologies, and advancements in AI-driven conversation systems and apply this knowledge to improve existing systems and develop new features.
  • Participate in code reviews, providing and receiving constructive feedback to improve overall code quality.


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in software development, with a focus on AI-driven conversation systems, natural language processing, or machine learning.
  • Strong programming skills in one or more of the following languages: Python or Scala.
  • Solid understanding of AI concepts, LLM, LangChain, natural language processing, and machine learning algorithms.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot and debug complex software systems.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, multidisciplinary team environment.
  • Detail-oriented and highly organized, with strong time management skills and the ability to prioritize tasks effectively.
  • Experience with AI-driven conversation and integration technologies such as GPT, Hugging Face, AutoGPT, etc.

At vidIQ, Inc., we believe that our team members are our greatest asset, and we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment where everyone can thrive. We offer competitive compensation packages, comprehensive benefits, and ample opportunities for growth and development. We are a super-fast engineering organization striving to be the first and the best in delivering cutting-edge solutions to our customers. We embrace AI capabilities and work hard to make the AI tools a part of our development process. If you are a talented and passionate Prompt Engineer looking to make a meaningful impact in the rapidly evolving world of AI-driven conversation systems, we would love to hear from you. Please submit your resume, along with a cover letter detailing your relevant experience and interest in the role.


  • This is a 100% remote position, work from anywhere you like
  • A flexible work schedule where you decide which hours to work. We expect an average commitment of 40 hours per week
  • We offer a generous vacation policy of taking time when you need it
  • Paid holidays based on your location
  • Monthly Mobile & Internet Service is reimbursed
  • Stock options
  • Support of your professional development & relevant courses and conferences provided
  • Huge impact in the Creator Ecosystem
  • Work with amazing people around the world

We are a fast-growing healthcare financial startup seeking an experienced AI Prompt Engineer to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for integrating OpenAI APIs into our custom Rails web application. You will work remotely alongside our Rails Developer, Data Engineer, and Product Manager to implement cutting-edge generative AI solutions that transform healthcare finance.

Key Skills and Requirements:

- Proficient in integrating OpenAI APIs or similar AI platforms

- Knowledge of AI prompting challenges and the capabilities of various LLM models

- Strong understanding of LLM fine-tuning and embeddings

- Familiarity with SQL queries and data models

- Experience with data visualization techniques and tools

- Familiarity with JavaScript charting libraries, such as Chart.js, Highcharts, and D3, is a plus

- Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills

- Strong communication and teamwork skills


- Collaborate with the team to develop and integrate generative AI solutions using OpenAI APIs to deliver ChatUX capabilities for a greenfield web application

- Transform natural language queries into generated SQL to execute against a well-defined data model

- Create data visualizations by generating code snippets for common charting libraries

- Work closely with the Rails Developer, Data Engineer, and Product Manager to ensure seamless integration of AI features

- Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in AI and machine learning to bring innovative solutions to our platform