Here are sample job postings for Bioengineering and Biomedical engineering roles...

Research Biomedical Engineer

Emory University

201 Dowman Drive, Atlanta, GA 30322

Discover Your Career at Emory University:Emory University is a leading research university that fosters excellence and attracts world-class talent to innovate today and prepare leaders for the future. We welcome candidates who can contribute to the diversity and excellence of our academic community.Description:


  • Under general supervision, performs a variety of defined research and laboratory tasks requiring engineering knowledge according to prescribed protocols.
  • This includes integration of hardware and software for custom laboratory equipment and interfacing with engineering support at companies.
  • Sets up and assists with experiments as prescribed by principal investigator and senior lab personnel.
  • Ensures that adequate supplies are purchased for performing experiments.
  • Participates in laboratory maintenance activities such as calibrating sensitive equipment, repairing electronics, editing data processing code, ordering supplies, backing up data on servers.
  • Processes data according to defined protocols using specialized engineering software such as Matlab, LabView, Python, Vicon Workstation, SolidWorks, etc.
  • Maintains records of work performed in the laboratory and maintains computer databases.
  • Under supervision maintains appropriate certifications for performance of experiments (i.e. IRB, IACUC protocols and other lab certifications).
  • Under supervision, writes custom computer code and scripts to implement new data processing methods, using matrix algebra, calculus, and differential equations, Fourier analysis, as well as other engineering analysis techniques; create accompanying graphs, tables, and other data compilation as specified by the PI.
  • Under supervision, designs and constructs electrical and/or mechanical parts for research purposes.
  • Uses specialized software for electrical circuit and mechanical design, construction of parts, and/or working with engineering companies to develop designs and ensure that design specifications are met.
  • May assist with preparation of grants and papers. Performs other duties as required.


  • A bachelor's or master's degree in Biomedical Engineering or related engineering/quantitative science field.
  • Coursework in calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra as well as strong Matlab/Python programming skills required.
  • Coursework in biomechanics, physiology, and/or neuroscience. Experience in biomedical laboratory research preferred.
  • Strong organizational and communication skills, and ability to work with a diverse, interdisciplinary team required.

Bioengineers and Scientists

SwiftScale Biologics

South San Francisco, CA

We are hiring bioengineers and scientists to help us accelerate the next-generation of medicines using cell-free!

Who we are:
SwiftScale Biologics uses our cell-free protein synthesis platform to enable (1) fast protein therapeutic development through to clinical batches and (2) synthesis of proteins that are very difficult to express in cells. Our mission is to enable our partners at top biotechs to advance dozens of novel therapeutics to the clinic. We have recently raised $20M from top investors, and are founded by field-leading professors in cell-free protein synthesis, Mike Jewett and Matt DeLisa.

What we’re looking for:
We are looking for someone who shares our goal of getting life-saving therapeutics to patients more quickly to join our tightly-knit team in South San Francisco, CA. You’ll expand the applications of cell-free technology by interfacing with key decision makers in major biotech companies and working with our team to deliver solutions using our growing cell-free platform.

Key qualifications:

  • Experience with DNA design, molecular cloning, protein expression, purification, and characterization in high-throughput.
  • BS (+experience), MS, or PhD in Bioengineering, Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, or related fields.
  • Experience with automation and in vitro transcription translation or cell-free protein synthesis methods.
  • A drive to creatively solve problems by improving experimental workflows and developing new techniques in a fast-paced small company environment.



Berkeley, CA 94710

The position

We are looking for an extremely talented and creative Bioengineering Scientist to help pioneer new culture methods with the aim to get viable human eggs from iPSCs. You are to work with different teams to develop new ways of culturing in vitro derived cells and organoids, as well as downstream analysis and interpretation of results. Expertise in techniques such as microfluidics, engineering extracellular matrix, organ-on-a-chip are highly desirable but not all essential. Most importantly, being highly creative with strong technical skills and a desire to work hard is critical.

Our mission

Conception is a startup with the mission of generating viable human eggs from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Successful development of our research could have many benefits, such as removing age limits on motherhood, allowing for easy screening of eggs with harmful genetic mutations, and allowing same-sex couples to reproduce. This has been done in mice, and now we are working to translate it to humans.

Our research

To accomplish our goal, we must derive human germ cells from iPSCs (human germ cell-like cells, hPGCLCs) that resemble both the transcriptional and epigenetic profile of in vivo germ cells (PGCs) that are able to enter meiosis and develop to viable human eggs. We create ovarian organoids from primary cells and stem cell derived cells to help the eggs develop properly.

What we’re looking for

Mission alignment as well as a strong scientific background with a reliable track-record in executing experiments independently is what we are looking for. Scientists with bioengineer experience such as microfluidic systems, mechanical force devices, organs on a chip) with the ability to design, create or alter commercially available devices is highly desirable.

While expertise is valued, we can provide training in areas of inexperience if you are passionate about our goal. There is no requirement for prior experience working on germ cells or iPSCs - we are always looking for highly skilled scientists with different backgrounds to bring new ideas and techniques to our team.

Biomechanical Engineer


2709 Mondovi Rd, Eau Claire, WI 54701

The Biomechanical Engineer is responsible for researching, designing, developing, and building low to medium fidelity manikin simulators and educational trainers for health science and agricultural classrooms. The Biomechanical Engineer will work with marketing and end-users to fully understand customer requirements, then design and prototype product concepts using a variety of digital and rapid physical prototyping techniques. They will provide technical leadership on new product development efforts to ensure that mechanical engineering deliverables and milestones are accomplished according to plan.


  • Utilizes field research and subject matter reviews to ideate new product opportunities
  • Develops mechanical (including electromechanical and biomechanical) prototypes of new product ideas using modeling techniques, rubber molds, CNC mills, lathes, saws, and other tools
  • Participates in product ideation through brainstorming sessions, review of concepts, and interaction with cross-functional teams
  • Creates written descriptions of new product ideas including how they look, work, and are manufactured
  • Creates 3D and 2D CAD model sketches and physical prototypes as needed to convey new ideas
  • Assists in specifying off-the-shelf components and creating specifications for custom parts
  • Coordinates with other mechanical engineering team members to ensure that project deliverables and milestones are met
  • Develops test plans to prove new products or improvements
  • Generate and maintains project documentation
  • Uses relevant information and individual judgment to determine whether events or processes comply with laws, regulations, or standards
  • Provides leadership, mentoring, and training to junior team members, Engineering Technicians, and Interns as needed
  • Performs other additional duties as assigned or required


  • Knowledge of the practical application of engineering science and technology. This includes applying principles, techniques, procedures, and equipment to the design and production of various goods and services
  • Ability to design mechanical systems that mimic biological forms and functions for educational trainers and products
  • Knowledge of rapid prototyping techniques including but not limited to rubber molding, vacuum forming, fiberglass layup, 3D printing and finishing techniques
  • Ability to use power tools competently in a safe and professional manner
  • Knowledge of CNC cutting tools; able to generate necessary code for CNC milling and laser cutting on various software platforms
  • Knowledge of CAD systems including SolidWorks and Autodesk Suite to create 2D drawing and 3D models of parts and assemblies
  • Knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and their applications
  • Knowledge of raw materials, production processes, quality control, costs, and other techniques for maximizing the effective manufacture and distribution of goods
  • Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems
  • Ability to identify possible failure modes and assess risks and solutions


  • Bachelor’s degree in Biomechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or related field
  • 5+ years of relevant engineering experience
  • Knowledge of 3D and 2D CAD systems
  • Familiarity with engineering tools and test equipment
  • Experience using machine shop tools such as table saws, belt sander, power hand tools, and CNC cutting tools
  • Hands-on experience repairing, maintaining, and building mechanical systems
  • Experience with Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

Engineer II - Biomechanical Research Testing- job post


Naples, FL 34109

Arthrex, Inc. is a global medical device company and a leader in new product development and medical education in Orthopedics. Arthrex is actively searching for a Biomechanical Research Engineer II. Join our talented team at a global medical device company focused on Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better.

Main Objective: Lead, conduct, and coordinate biomechanical research studies and Arthroplasty product testing in a laboratory setting and report findings.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Design and perform biomechanical research studies to support product testing needs, including feasibility, product verification, regulatory submission, and post-market analysis.

Design and perform research to facilitate evaluation of new technologies and design concepts.

Participate in writing, preparation and submission process of scientific articles.

Perform mechanical testing studies by preparing test samples, data collection, record keeping, and statistical analysis.

Prepare technical reports and disseminate information to facilitate product related business decision making.

Perform preventative maintenance and regular calibrations on laboratory equipment.

Maintain laboratory organization and cleanliness.

Operate a variety of materials testing machines, gauges, and software to obtain requested testing results.

Maintain and update records of work performed to contribute to team and personal metrics.

Minimal travel and some flexibility of work hours may be required, including occasional evenings and weekends.

Must comply with all laboratory safety instructions and wear PPE as appropriate for various activities.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements/Specialized Courses and/or Training:

Able to operate a variety of mechanical testing machines and collect testing data

Knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy

Familiar with orthopedic implants and surgical techniques

Familiar with ASTM testing standards

Able to use multiple software platforms for data analysis, statistics, and CAD

Able to recognize abnormal testing results and identify the source

Proficient in mechanical testing equipment and methods

Able to identify anatomical landmarks during dissections

Accurate record keeping and applies Good Document Practices

Able to train new employees

Education / Experience:
Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical or Mechanical Engineering, or related field required.

Genetic Engineer

Senior research scientist

Ronkonkoma, NY

1) You are not just an employee, but also an entrepreneur. Your earnings will be more than the base salary and the bonuses, but also percentage share of the company equity and contract payment for every technology that you bring in. Your knowledge, talent, and ideas can be expressed freely to lay the foundation for the new platforms in the new laboratory. You will be the new boss- Protheragen depends on your expertise to start its research department from scratch. You have the opportunity to start a new business sector.

2) Depending on your choice, Protheragen allows you to have a second job, under the condition that this second job is noncompete with your position within Protheragen (its nature must be approved by the management team).

P.S. Protheragen is willing to sponsor work visa. Please contact us for more details.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for sequencing and analyzing genes and genomes

2. Improve the existing Sanger sequencing and NGS technology platform for database design, development, and maintenance

3. Responsible for pre-sales and after-sales technical support of related products and technical services

4. Assist and provide technical support and textual materials to other departments for the marketing of genome-related products and services

5. Research and analyze clients’ needs and market trends. Manage and maintain client relations and sales channels

6. Support other activities as assigned by the management


1. Ph.D. in bioinformatics or related field

2. Previous experience in high-throughput sequencing related projects, such as transcriptome sequencing, exome sequencing, whole genome sequencing, etc.

3. A candidate who is familiar with Python, Perl, and R is preferred.

4. Have a meticulous work attitude, efficient, demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility, and highly motivated to take initiative at work.

Scientist - Bioprocess Technology and Engineering


101 Orchard Ridge Dr, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Do you have a passion for Science? Would you like to apply your expertise to impact a company that follows the science and turns ideas into life changing medicines? Then AstraZeneca might be the one for you!

At AstraZeneca, we put patients first and strive to meet their unmet needs worldwide. Working here means being entrepreneurial, thinking big and working together to make the impossible a reality. If you are swift to action, confident to lead, willing to collaborate, and curious about what science can do, then you’re our kind of person.

About AstraZeneca in Gaithersburg, MD:

Our Gaithersburg, Maryland facility creates life-changing medicines for people around the world. This campus employs more than 3,500 experts in our field and is only a short drive from Washington, DC. This modern and vibrant scientific campus is the home of R&D and Oncology in the US. Here, we play host to some of the most cutting-edge technology and lab spaces, all designed to inspire collaboration and cross-functional science. We believe employees benefit from being challenged and inspired at work. We are dedicated to creating a culture of inclusion and collaboration.

The Gaithersburg site offers a variety of amenities to help boost productivity and help keep our employees happy and healthy. This includes a fitness center, employee healthcare clinic, electric vehicle charging stations, dry cleaning, full-service cafeteria, and copy center. This is where you’ll find newly designed, activity-based workspaces to suit a variety of working styles while increasing collaboration between teams.

Summary of the group:

As a purification Scientist in Bioprocess Technology and Engineering (BTE), you would join a team developing AstraZeneca’s Next Generation Manufacturing Platform. You and the team would develop the purification platform to support a high-density perfusion cell culture for biological therapeutics, including antibodies, bispecific antibodies, and Fc-fusions. You would apply the Next Generation Manufacturing methods to drug candidates in Phase I, II, and those entering Phase III. As the molecules progress through the development lifecycle, you will have opportunity to develop the process characterization methods to support commercialization. You would work on a matrix team with members from cell line development, cell culture development, purification development, analytical development, formulation development, data analytics and modelling and manufacturing. You would have opportunity to operate small scale and pilot scale purification systems. Your work would be used to design processes so that they can be scaled to purify 10kg-20kg per day. You would be responsible for working jointly with your upstream colleagues to link the bioreactor to the purification process. You would draw upon your publication history to publish peer-reviewed articles of your work. You will present at internal departmental and cross-functional meetings and may participate and present at external meetings.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Study and develop next generation mammalian purification processes, including chromatography, filtration, ultrafiltration operations
  • Build or use mathematical models that predict purification
  • Be part of a team that tests new manufacturing methods at a manufacturing scale
  • Develop automation methods that control the entire manufacturing process
  • Makes detailed observations, analyses data, and interprets results
  • Maintain good laboratory notebook entries
  • Evaluate new technologies and implements new tools to improve process outcomes
  • Work with matrix teams (BPD, Engineering, Automation, Manufacturing, Validation, and Quality) to evaluate, design, develop, and implement new equipment, process technologies, PAT, predictive process scaling, or advanced process controls across laboratory and pilot scales to support next generation manufacturing or platform processes for upstream or downstream bioprocess unit operations.
  • Perform experiments and/or modeling simulations to demonstrate process engineering solutions.
  • Be responsible for a portion of a purification development project.
  • Develop automation methods that control the entire manufacturing process
  • Make observations, analyse data and interpret results.
  • Maintain accurate records of experimental results, review, analysis, and interpretation of experimental data.
  • Make periodic presentations in group meetings, project team meetings, and in one-on-one situations.
  • Prepare/Review development reports and tech transfer documents
  • Support technology transfer to Clinical/Commercial Manufacturing facilities.
  • Support troubleshooting and resolution of deviations in GMP manufacturing processes.
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to interact effectively with functional group members, project teams and suppliers is essential.
  • Highly team-oriented, energetic, critical thinker, organized, capable of significant multitasking with excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Be a team player

Education & Experience Requirements:

A BS or Master’s Degree with an engineering discipline focused on biologics, ideally protein based recombinant purification, with a focus in a process engineering field (e.g., chemical or biochemical engineering) is strongly preferred.

Scientist: Bachelor’s degree with 5+ years or a Master’s degree with 2+ years of related experience in industry or academia.

Required Skills:

  • Understanding of protein purification (chromatography, filtration, ultrafiltration)
  • Skilled in problem-solving and scientific reasoning
  • Proficient with excel and data analysis
  • Demonstrated programming skills applied to data analysis
  • Strong engineering skills including mass transport
  • Fundamental understanding of field of scientific study
  • Able to communicate and effectively explain complex scientific or engineering concepts to a broader, diverse , cross-functional audience

Desired Skills:

  • Process scale-up and technology transfer
  • Purification of protein-based therapeutics other than antibodies (eg. conjugates, bispecifics, fusion proteins or products produced by microbial systems)
  • Fundamental understanding of unit operations such as mixing, bioreactor, centrifugation, filtration, or chromatography.
  • Experience with operating bench, pilot, or production scale bioprocess equipment.
  • Demonstrated experience with process, equipment, or automation design.
  • Knowledge of cGMP manufacturing principles and documentation.
  • Knowledge of the drug development process, global regulations, process validation and ICH guidelines.

Why AstraZeneca?

At AstraZeneca when we see an opportunity for change, we seize it and make it happen, because any opportunity no matter how small, can be the start of something big. Delivering life-changing medicines is about being entrepreneurial - finding those moments and recognising their potential. Join us on our journey of building a new kind of organisation to reset expectations of what a bio-pharmaceutical company can be. This means we’re opening new ways to work, pioneering cutting edge methods and bringing unexpected teams together. Interested? Come and join our journey.