Module 5: Interview Questions & Answers


Perhaps the most stressful  – and most important – part of an interview is answering with questions the right way.

When done well, it’s an opportunity to boost your credibility and standout. Done poorly, it will tarnish your credibility and kill your candidacy.

Here’s what you get in this module:

In Module 5.1 Being able to think on your feet, to gather your thoughts quickly, and deliver your point convincingly is an essential interviewing skill.  Here’s how to do it..

In Module 5.2 contains a Career Change Q&A Guide with sample answers to the tough interview questions. The guide also teaches you the reasoning behind the answers… so you can quickly and easily come up with an intelligent answer for any interview question you are asked.

In Module 5.3 I recommend using this list to prepare for potential interview questions.

In Module 5.4 prepares you to comfortably answer one – and only one – question: “Who are you?” so you can succinctly demonstrate your fit for the position and get your interview off to a strong start.

In Module 5.5 Employers make judgments about you based on the questions you ask at an interview.  This module reveals the questions you can ask to set yourself apart in a positive way from other people being considered for the job.


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