Module 3: Prepare to Win Job Offers

Pre-interview research can GREATLY improve your odds of winning job offers.  

In fact, if you don’t have the right information about the company and the people interviewing you, it’s unlikely that you’ll get invited back.

This module explains how to conduct online research that will help you:

  • Impress interviewers with your knowledge of their company and industry
  • Stand out by answering interview questions strongly
  • Be better prepared, less anxious and more confident
  • Decide if the job opening, potential supervisor and company are a good match for you and your career

In Module 3.1, you get access to my favorite online resources to gather the information you need to stand out in your next interview.

In Module 3.2, you’ll learn how to determine the salary you should be targeting.

In Module 3.3, Having an inside contact at a potential employer is major advantage over the competition because you can get little-known information to help you prepare for your job interview.  Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about how do that in this training module.

In Module 3.4, you’ll create an “elevator pitch” that piques the interest of interviewers and starts your interview in a way that plays to your strengths.

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