Module 6: Interview Strategies that Win Job Offers

It’s show time… and this module reviews important tips for skillfully handling critical aspects of job interview.

Module 6.0: Use these strategies to particapte (and look good) in Skype Interviews

Module 6.1: Use these strategies to prepare for your phone interviews

Module 6.2 teaches you how to tell powerful stories that best position you for the job you want… and lets you stand out

Module 6.3 reveals a simply way to discover what the interviewer REALLY wants, so you know EXACTLY what to talk about to impress the interviewer

Module 6.4 teaches you how to best prove to an interviewer that you can handle a role or skill you haven’t done before

Module 6.5 teaches you how to learn what the interviewer’s potential concerns or doubts are about you… so you can reduce or eliminate them and win the job offer.

In Module 6.6, you’ll learn how to stall salary discussions until the company makes a job offer, so you have the upper-hand in salary negotiations.

In Module 6.7, you’ll learn how to close the interview to get one step closer to the job offer.

In Module 6.7, you’ll learn the most important do’s and dont’s that job seekers must know to succeed while interviewing.

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