(2.5) Is It a Waste of Time To Apply If You’re Not Perfectly Qualified?

One frustrating but common predicament job seekers encounter is deciding whether or not to apply for a job if they don’t meet the employer’s qualifications.

While browsing job postings, you see a job that has the responsibilities and duties that match your interests. The day-to-day role is exactly what you’ve been hoping to find.

Then you see the minimal requirements and, although you have some of the necessary skills and plenty of passion, you don’t have ALL of the qualifications the company specifies.

Perhaps you have three years of relevant experience, not five. Or you have a bachelor’s degree, not a master’s. You’ve been in a managerial role but haven’t drawn up a budget before. You know you can do the job, but you don’t know if you’ll even be considered without satisfying each of the requirements.

Should you apply?

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