Get Insider Help To Win More Job Interviews

It’s a well-known fact that many people land jobs based on a personal contact with a company employee. Having an inside contact at a company is major advantage over the competition.

Most job seekers don’t actively look to establish a personal connection with a company insider because:

  • They’re afraid of appearing too pushing
  • They’re afraid of being turned down or rejected
  • Their negative self-talk gets in the way
  • They have a fear of failure
  • They have a fear of success
  • They don’t believe people they don’t know will really (and willingly) help them

But getting company employees (including people who don’t even know you) to help you land a job at their company is easier than you realize.

In this Module, I am going to teach you:

  • Why company employees will help you (even if they don’t know you) (Module 4.1)
  • How to find helpful company insiders to maximize your success (Module 4.2)
  • Unknown ways to use LinkedIn to find helpful insiders (Module 4.3)
  • How to choose the best company insiders to talk to (Module 4.4)
  • The most effective ways to contact company insiders you don’t know (Module 4.5)
  • Do this to ensure a successful conversation with company insiders (Module 4.6)
  • Best questions to ask company insiders to get the information and help you want (Module 4.7)
  • Steal these sample thank you notes (Module 4.8)

By using the strategies revealed in this module, you’ll quickly discover that these conversations are fun and can make a huge difference in your job search.


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