(3.3.1) Why Company Employees Will Help You (Even If They Don’t Know You)

In this module you will learn why you want the help of company insiders… and the reasons why company employees will help you (even if they don’t know you).

It’s a well-known fact that many people land jobs based on a personal contact with a company employee. Having an inside contact at a company is major advantage over the competition, because you learn information about:

  • the hiring process
  • the interviewers
  • how you’re doing in your interviews
  • company salary information, so you don’t ask for too much or too little
  • insider information about the company’s products / services, culture, goals, problems, needs, etc… so you can stand out during your interview

Most job seekers don’t actively look to establish a personal connection with a company insider because:

  • They’re afraid of appearing too pushing
  • They’re afraid of being turned down or rejected
  • Their negative self-talk gets in the way
  • They have a fear of failure
  • They have a fear of success
  • They don’t believe people they don’t know will really (and willingly) help them

But getting company employees (including people who don’t even know you) to help you land a job at their company is easier than you realize.

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