The “Customized” Hidden Job Search

There are two types of Hidden Job Searches.  The ‘Universal’ strategy reaches MANY hiring managers fast.  The ‘Customized’ strategy is much more targeted.  This module explains how to conduct a ‘Customized’ job search to find unadvertised job openings.

Use this strategy if:

  • You have time to look for a new job AND you only want to look for job opportunities at companies that really appeal to you… or
  • You want to simultaneously explore job opportunities at companies that really appeal to you AND get as many interviews as you can at as many employers as you can.

If you must land a new job quickly, I recommend skipping this strategy for now and using the “Universal” Hidden Job Search Strategy – and then coming back to this strategy after you start a Universal Hidden Job Search Strategy.

Here is a summary what you will learn and do in this module:

  1. Select the best potential employers to target now: (Module 4.1)
  2. Identify the people at those companies who you could work for: (Module 4.2)
  3. Identify helpful company insiders who can help you get a job (even if they don’t know you): (Module 4.2)
  4. Get contact information for all of the hiring managers and insider connections: (Module 4.2)
  5. Conduct research to help you optimize your success: (Module 4.3) and (Module 4.4)
  6. Prepare a Customized Job Magnet letter that gets hiring managers to call you for job openings they have: (Module 4.5)
  7. Top strategies to easily and comfortably get your Job Magnet letter into the hands of hiring managers: (Module 4.5)
  8. Keep in touch strategies that will motivate hiring managers to contact you (Module 4.6)
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