(4.4) How To Use Informational Interviews To Increase Your Success

Informational Interviews are another excellent way to research a company and hiring manager to get the information you need to best position yourself to approach the hiring manager as a valuable asset.

An informational interview is an opportunity to gather insightful advice and information by asking the right questions.

Informational interviews are perfect for:

  • Gathering insider information about a company’s needs, goals, challenges and opportunities – to arm you with the compelling information you need to show hiring managers why they need to hire you
  • Getting insider advice and recommendations on how to land a job at a company
  • Finding current and future job openings at companies
  • Building insider connections who advocate to hiring managers to hire you

I recommend conducting informational interviews with every internal connection you have at each company you are targeting because:

  • Many jobs are obtained through personal relationships
  • The information you gain from informational interviews can be incredibly helpful to effectively position yourself for conversations with hiring managers

Here’s how to do that…

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