Best Ways To Find People Who Can Hire You… Or Help You Get A Job

In this module, you will:

  • Identify the precise people who work at potential employers and who (1) could know about current and future job openings and (2) could hire you: (Module 6.1)(Module 6.2) and (Module 6.4)
  • Identify insider connections at potential employers (even if you don’t think you have any) who could help you get a job interview: (Module 6.3) and (Module 6.4)
  • Learn my secret tips for how to access anyone’s full LinkedIn profile (even if the profile is hidden or ‘anonymous’) so you can choose the best people to target: (Module 6.5)
  • Easily get the email addresses for hiring managers and insider connections: (Module 6.6)

After you complete this module, return to the Universal Hidden Job Search or the Customized Hidden Job Search to launch your job search!

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