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Over the past ten years, I have created and polished a series of high-quality and affordable coaching products and services to help my clients make their career transition faster and easier.

These include:

  • Preparing an effective resume that piques interest and wins interviews
  • Preparing a LinkedIn profile that gets found by HR and recruiters
  • Using job search strategies that can get interviews as fast as 1 week
  • Interview preparation and strategies to convert interviews into exciting job offers

My services and products differ from other career coaches in two important ways:


I do not require clients to purchase a one-price, all-inclusive coaching package. I believe coaching packages offered by many career coaches are unfair to people because most people will never use all of the services included in the package and the fees are very expensive (typically $2,000 to $5,000 for a complete A to Z package of coaching services).

Instead, I offer my clients what feels to me like a very fair model – my clients choose and pay for only the coaching time and products they want from me.

Personalized Coaching:

Many coaches sell expensive coaching services but they do not also offer affordable, high quality products.

Other coaches offer coaching products (though few are high quality – I know, I’ve spent thousands of dollars checking them out), but they do not offer affordable coaching to answer questions that you have as you use their products. Ridiculously in my opinion.

I offer both – high-quality products at affordable prices AND affordable Quick Question coaching options to answer any questions you have as you implement those product strategies in your job search / transition. It’s a powerful and extremely effective combination.

You can click here to download my coaching-services-and-products-overview-081016 and learn about the many and affordable ways I help my clients make a success career transition.

To Your New Career Breakthrough,

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